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… is a German Street Artist and painter. Although mainly known for his murals and his work in public, his skillset also covers digital creations and other lines of work.

The virtuosic manner in handling aerosol cans, the distinct feeling for colors, as well as the strive to constantly create and explore the unknown often influence his intuitive work.

Kosta aims to combine the characteristic elements of Graffiti with classic techniques of painting and the history of arts. His work is often a reflection of his interest in his surroundings, society and sociopolitical developments.

In 2006 Kosta started working under his alter ego and has over the course of the last decade worked throughout Europe. Parts of his work have, amongst others, been exhibited in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Milano, and Barcelona.

Since 2011 he is Co-Founder of KLÅPRAAЖ an experimental brand. With the Studio35 he trade designer items, clothing and color in Eisenach/Thuringia. Currently he is setting up a new studio in Erfurt.


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